Become A MILLIONAIRE Guaranteed?

That’s right, how to become a millionaire guaranteed.

Sounds crazy, right?

  • If you do the millionaire math, you’ll get there.
  • If you rely on luck, you’ve a slight chance of getting there.
  • If you spend more than you earn, never do the math, you’ll never get there!

So let’s get to it.

Let’s say you make $50,000 a year, and can figure out how to put away 40% of it.

Whether that’s:
Moving to a new cheaper apartment and saving on rent.
Take 1 vacation a year instead of 3.
Dine every fortnight instead of once a week.

It will take you 50 years x $20,000 to get there… Guaranteed.

You may think that sounds like “wealth in a wheelchair”. But if you don’t plan + know your millionaire math to get to a million bucks without question, you won’t get there. Simple as that.

You may also think of inflation, and say to yourself “but Simon, that $1million will be worth much less in 50 years”.

Know what will be worth even less? If you spend/lose it all and never put it away, sit there at 100 years old wondering why you don’t have anything.

Of course your plan should be to get there much faster, whether that be releasing your own courses, becoming an affiliate of someone elses, starting your own physical business or whatever.

But know that math up front, figure a way to save $20k a year, and you’ll get there.

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Much love,