How To CRUSH It In Business & In Life.

This post won’t be popular with some business owners… but here goes.

In the digital age, I truly believe we’ve become far too obsessed with “sales funnels”, and all other kinds of metrics to decide how profitable a business or website is. Of course they are important for the automated stuff, and to get the buyers coming in, however…

I’ve made a shift the past year or so, and the results have been nothing short of astounding.

By astounding, what do I mean? Well let’s say 5-figure days in total revenue collected, aren’t abnormal for me anymore. A dude with a camera, an internet connection, usually working from a coffee shop in the south of Spain.

Now of course I don’t get to keep all of that, paying partners, reinvesting within my business, attending seminars, investing in new opportunities, hiring contractors etc. All aligned with the same mission of changing lives and living with energy and vibrancy.

However, what’s such a shift come down to?

Know – Like – Trust.

Of course sales funnels, and all the techy stuff are important to bring in the leads in the first place, but instead of solely focusing on “the funnel”, switching headlines, changing colours…

I’ve been focusing on completely over-delivering in the product itself, then following up with those buyers to see how they’re getting on with it.

By that I mean building relationships with living breathing human beings, learning about their story, sharing what’s worked, connecting with them personally…

Give it a go, if you run a business of any kind, think about the backend process. Where are your clients going after they’ve purchased from you?

Have you done your best to ensure their success? Or have you left them high and dry?

Is your product of WORLD CLASS standard (by your standards). If not, then maybe that’s why your clients aren’t coming back to you, and therefore not getting the results you desire for your business.

Follow this, not purely from a monetary standpoint, but actually out of CARING for the people that trust you.

You’ll separate yourself from everyone else, dominate your market, and be glad you read this post.
Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on this.

Much love,