Never Worry About Money Again

Let me ask you…

What do you REALLY want?

Do you really want money?

Some people say to me “Simon, if only I had a million, I could do so much with it”.

But I believe they’re mission the point completely. I’m almost certain when you think about it deeper, you don’t want $1million for the sake of having it.

Let me share my story, my mission, and what money means to me.

See, despite many years of struggling working on minimum wage, today so happy and grateful not to have to worry about money.

Sometimes we get so burdened with the pressure of “success”, it’s been drummed into us since we were children, to “win the race” on sports day, “get top grades”, but what does success TRULY mean to you?

For me, it’s to live with ENERGY & passion every day, to impact people’s lives, to create what I want, align with incredible people on the same mission as me, to create a movement…

To have enough money to live life on my terms, travel, to go to the gym, eat well, go out with friends, treat my Mum to coffee and evenings out.

I don’t want money for the sake of having money.

If I can help others achieve the same incredible feeling, that mission in itself is compelling as anything.

This affirmation has been difficult to me as a naturally competitive person, but as soon as I reaffirm this statement to myself, it feels like a ton of bricks has been released from my shoulders (and ironically I become more productive, and aligned to make more money).

What’s your definition of success?

Leave a comment below, and let me know!

Much love,