My Answer To Every Decision In Life

This post I’m making public. It’s part of my journal and is as real as it gets. Here’s my discovery: There are no answers in life. If you’re looking for that elusive answer, country to live in, perfect job or business to create… It doesn’t exist. Here’s what I mean. No mediterranean sunset, nightclub in America, social life, grade A woman (or dude) you meet will ever truly make you happy at the core long term, without one key ingredient I’ll reveal in just a second…

The single best answer at every life juncture I’ve discovered; is making the life decision that best aligns with your mission and purpose in life. So many people wonder why I’ve been living in Spain if I’m doing so well, instead of central London or the Hollywood hills… here’s why…

At this stage of life, I’m stacking serious paper ready to make a big play. Out of all the people that think I’m weird or lost… Having started from scratch with zero startup capital, I’ve created and invested in more income streams than they will an entire lifetime by harnessing my location and time most effectively.

The next juncture? Who knows. All I do know is that each decision will be aligned with contribution, including the partner I choose. So many settle for the first person that comes along, but is she truly on the same page as you, and also highly motivated to build an empire? To become truly unstoppable as a team. Location, where will I be able to have most impact? Climate and even cost of living comes far behind that.

I tell you this right now, as I’m putting together the most epic online wealth creation coaching program the world has seen. It’s not cheap at $4997. But I’m pouring a lifetime of experience, mistakes learned, successes gained, along with real down n’ dirty online income producing strategy into this thing. It’ll become my legacy that I’ll pass on for generations to come, and build a family of people all around the world truly committed to THRIVING, energizing and working with clarity – Totally aligned in the right direction to turn their passion into profit.

In short, at least in my opinion and personal experience – Make almost every life decision in alignment with being the greatest version of you, the welfare of those you care about, and you’ll never lose. There’s no sense in playing small, unless you’re doing so in preparation of making the biggest play of your life.