How To Become More Social

Published on March 3, 2017 by

Exactly how to become more social, even if you feel totally anxious socially right now and lack the confidence to make friends and form the incredible relationships you want.



  • Joanne 11 months ago

    Hi Simon

    I completely related to the points you raised in your video, How To Become More Social. As a diagnosed former sufferer of social anxiety I found your advice reassuring as I still have my wobbly moments from time to time.

    It is so true that the more you practise in different social settings, the less fear you feel the next time you enter a social situation. The best advice I was ever given was to “Feel the fear and do it it anyway”, and consequently you start to feel more confident that begins to feel as though it was always there anyway, within you.

    Best wishes

    • admin 11 months ago

      Hey Joanne,

      Thanks for your comment / feedback! Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more.

      Great to hear it’s helped.

      Thanks for tuning in!



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